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Effexor XR is used for treating depression, generalized or social anxiety disorder, or panic disorder.

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Venlafaxine cost ireland more than €3,300 A survey by Belfast-based think-tank on medication cost has revealed that drug costs for Ireland's citizens are five times the average European average. A national survey of prescription medicines, conducted by the Northern Ireland Council on Social Policy with the Association for Support and cost of generic venlafaxine Assistance in the North, revealed that Ireland costs more than £5,500 a year for every family in the territory who consumes prescribed medicines. In comparison, Ireland's citizens pay about £1,100 in the same region for medicines. The think-tank found that in 2013 a family with member taking the average dose of one daily tablet nefazodone would pay £2,084 for three weeks' worth of supply. Similarly, an adult with one adult, two children and pensioners would be shelling out €5,600 every three months to buy the same prescribed medication. The cost of medication per dose in relation to prescription costs for a family of five is nearly €600. This figure rose to more than £8,200, although the figure is skewed by fact that pharmaceutical Dexamethason creme ohne rezept companies charge up to five times the price of standard branded medicines in order to recoup the cost of manufacturing, distribution and marketing. The cost of prescription drugs has risen by around 12 per cent in each of the last three years. The figures, compiled from a sample of drugs purchased by 11,907 individuals in Northern Ireland, show that the average price for generic Neomycin from Cipla cost a Northern Irish patient €1,380 in 2013. The Neomycin cost a family of five about €5,100 a year. In Ireland, a family of Xenical buy online australia five would pay €24,150 - almost £13,400 a year for this generic medication, which is manufactured in Dublin and delivered to Ireland from Italy. The cost of nefazodone is just over €500 a year. The average price of a month's supply the drug in Ireland is just under £2,000, according to the study. The cos